EFF lauds insourcing victory at UP

Pic: Mpumalanga News

Pic: Mpumalanga News

Ndlozi called on all other universities to accelerate the process of insourcing, and not wait for protests.

The EFF has congratulated its student wing, the EFF  Students Command (EFFSC), for making advances in the struggles for insourcing at the University of Pretoria (UP).

This comes after the university and workers reached an agreement this week, following days of protest action against outsourcing.

In a statement, EFF spokesperson, Mbuyiseni Ndlozi praised the EFFSC The Student Command for standing side by side with the outsourced workers, in continuing to fight against insourcing which started last year.

“In less than seven months of fighting the issue head on, they managed to achieve what NEHAWU has successfully failed to achieve in over two decades of representing workers.

“The cleaners, landscape workers, plumbers and cooks were outsourced, put in precarious labour contracts and paid peanuts, and in the process they were transformed into foreigners who cannot claim to belong to the university community,” said Ndlozi.

He said the EFFSC’s struggle for insourcing is therefore a fundamental one about transforming the image of our universities and restoring to it a human face.

“Because outsourcing means universities are beneficiaries of super exploitation that has kept black workers as cheap and easily disposable labour as it was under apartheid,” Ndlozi said.

Meanwhile the agreement reached, include, insourcing with full benefits for general workers with absorbtion starting in February 2016, and a R10,000 annual wage increase across the board with a temporary salary of R5,500 which will reach R10,000 by 2018 as they exit labour broking contracts, among other things.

Ndlozi called on all other universities to accelerate the process of insourcing, and not wait for protests and shutdowns.

The pedagogical and knowledge production pride of any university must be grounded on democratic campuses that respect and advance human rights: as things stand outsourcing is a crime against black workers.

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