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31 Jan 2015
9:32 pm

Live Report: Tunisia vs Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea and Tunisia battle for a spot in the semifinal of the Africa Cup of Nations.

FILE PICTURE: Wahbi Khazri of Tunisia. (Photo by John Berry/Getty Images)

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Starting XI

Tunisia: Mathlouthi, Youssef, Abdennour, Ragued, Chikhaoui (c), Maaloul, Sassi, Mathlouthi, Khazri, Akachi, Yakoubi

Equatorial Guinea: Ovono, Gomez, Mangue, Travieso, Bosio, Lopez (c), Balboa, Aquerico, Viera, Esono

– 120′ the referee blows for full time. Full time score, Tunisia 1-2 Equatorial Guinea

– 119′ corner kick to Tunisia. 2 minutes of added time will be played

– 118′ throw in for Tunisia

– 116′ Ovono stands his ground and stops a goal bound header from Maaloul

– 115′ the ball is played back to Mathlouthi

– 114′ Ovono will continue with the match. Offside call goes against Tunisia

– 112′ Ovono needs medical treatment

– 110′ free kick to Tunisia. Maaloul’s free kick shot is punched away by Ovono

– 107′ free kick to Guinea

– 106′ Tunisia get the ball rolling

– 105′ the referee blows for half time of extra time. Tunisia 1-2 Equatorial Guinea

– 99′ free kick to Guinea close to the D line. Javier Balboa  finds the back of the net from a free kick.  Tunisia 1-2 Equatorial Guinea

– 98′ Tunisia failing to get past Guinea’s defence

– 96′ Guinea on the attack

– 94′ corner kick to Guinea

– 92′ throw in for Guinea

– Kickoff! Extra time is underway

– the referee blows for full time.  Tunisia 1-0 Equatorial Guinea. The game will go into extra time

– 90′ Javier Balboa scores from the penalty spot.  Tunisia 1-1 Equatorial Guinea

– 89′ Guinea have a lifeline in the form of a penalty. 5 minutes of added time will be played

– 88′ corner kick to Guinea

– 87′ throw in for Tunisia

– 82′ Mathlouthi pulls off a brilliant close range save to deny Guinea

– 80′ Sassi will continue with the game. Offside call goes against Tunisia

– 78′ Sassi is carried f the field

– 75′ Tunisia on the attacking in search of a second goal

– 69′ Akachi scores Tunisia’s first goal of the night.  Tunisia 1-0 Equatorial Guinea

– 68′ free kick to Guinea.

– 65′ Akachi is booked for his challenge on Ovono

– 62′ Youssef is booked for a reckless tackle outside the box

– 58′ Khazri’s shot misses the target by inches

– 56′ throw in for Tunisia. Ovono leaves his line early to beat Akachi to the ball

– 54′ both teams failing to score after creating a number of scoring opportunities

– 51′ Akachi shot at goal is punched away by Ovono

– 47′ free kick to Guinea. Tunisia clear the free kick cross

– 46′ throw in for Guinea

– the second half is underway

– the referee blows for half time. Half time score,  Tunisia 0-0 Equatorial Guinea

– 45′ Tunisia scramble to clear the ball

– 44′ 2 minutes of added time will be played

– 41′ goal kick to Guinea

– 37′ Maaloul gets a verbal caution from the referee after a late tackle on Bodio

– 32′ Mathlouthi’s cross into the box fails to find teammates, Guinea clears the ball

– 29′ Sassi’s header is wide at goal. Goal kick to Guinea

– 27′ corner kick to Tunisia

– 25′ Khazri’s shot goes over the goal post

– 23′ throw in for Tunisia

– 20′ offside call goes against Tunisia

– 16′ corner kick to Tunisia. Ovono manages to hold on to the ball, but sustains an injury in the process

– 14′ Guinea moving up and putting Tunisia under pressure

– 10′ goal kick to Guinea

– 8′  Ragued is booked for a late tackle

– 5′ Mangue intercepts Tunisia’s pass in the box and prevents a goal

– 3′ free kick to Guinea outside the penalty box. A poor free kick cross gives Tunisia the advantage

– 1′ corner kick to Guinea. Tunisia defend successfully

– Kickoff! The first half is underway. Tunisia playing from left to right, while Guinea attack from right to left