Carine Hartman
Chief sub-editor
2 minute read
19 Jun 2021
8:48 am

The negatives of living in an LGBTG++ world

Carine Hartman

Maybe I am too old-school; maybe I still remember how you will be destroyed by assholes, writes Carine Hartman.

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Controversial; politically incorrect, call me out, but The Gender Issue just breaks my heart. My musician friend-with-benefits (ages and ages ago) has this brown-haired, curly-haired little Katryn. Well,  when I saw her last. In the past week I saw a new book by beautiful gender-(I’m now sure what to type now)“changed?” Robert, who took stunning pics of my kids and I decades ago, while both of us still celebrated womanhood. Robert, who now claims secrets, lies, a queer and crooked memoir. Robert, who confronts and heals “gender  confines and racism”. My Robert? I am still getting my head around forgetting...