Richard Chemaly
4 minute read
18 Jun 2021
1:37 pm

Let’s not get too excited about this so-called corruption clean-up

Richard Chemaly

For years South Africans have been the dog getting excited over scraps of fat while their owners feast on steaks. Nothing's changed.

Picture: iStock

Goody gumdrops, the sharks are closing in on Ace and JZ! All must be right with the world and South Africa is on the road to moral recovery! The Rand is strengthening, vaccines are being rolled out and even Carl Niehaus has faded, perhaps not all too gracefully, from public attention. Shucks, even Gigaba is facing a tough set of questions. This clean up must really be serious! Well, sure. But also, not really. As tempting as it is to accept what we can get, it’s not quite the sustainable path forward. Many would resign themselves to believing that a...