Earl Coetzee
Premium News Editor
2 minute read
14 Jun 2021
10:44 am

Welcome to the 21st century! – SA’s drinking ban way overdue

Earl Coetzee

While reminiscing about her own irresponsible youth, Jennie Ridyard realises that SA's ban on a single drink when driving is long overdue.

Drunk young man drives a car with a bottle of beer with sunset background. Picture: iStock

A friend sent me a photo of a fond memory, a crowd of us girlfriends enjoying my favourite meal: lunch-into-dinner, lubricated by little drinkies. The restaurant was in Greenside, far from my (un)natural habitat of Benoni. We looked so happy, we looked so young… We looked so tipsy. “Um, how did I get home?” I finally forced myself to ask. “How did WE get home?” “Don’t ask,” she said. I guess we drove, no doubt after a few glasses of that magical, sobering elixir of tap water and a strong coffee. So now, at last, South Africa is bringing in...