Brendan Seery
Deputy Editor
3 minute read
14 Jun 2021
9:47 am

SA’s defence industry demise should have us all up in arms

Brendan Seery

A solid defence industry can be a key driver of economic growth as well as national stature and prestige for any country.

The Denel offices in Irene Centurion, 19 May 2021. Picture: Jacques Nelles

Necessity, so the saying goes, is the mother of invention. And, human beings being what they are, our biggest technological leaps have been as the result of a war or an arms race. Flying progressed by leaps and bounds during, and after, the World War I, while the second global conflict of the 21st century accelerated air travel, literally, with the perfection of the jet engine. In South Africa, the isolation and international embargoes brought about by international censure of apartheid,  along with an escalating internal security problem and a Cold War proxy fight on behalf of the West against...