Richard Chemaly
4 minute read
11 Jun 2021
12:14 pm

Stop selling the lie that formal education is the only way out of poverty

Richard Chemaly

Commodification of education is one of the most uneducated moves we’ve made in a world where education itself is actually freer than ever.

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Aaah ... Good ol’ education! The new old bitcoin... I wonder if it will ever have any real value again. Back in 2017, PricewaterhouseCoopers announced it was scrapping degree requirements for employment and more recently Elon Musk told us he doesn’t really care for degrees. I love it. Finally, the world is coming to its senses that the piece of paper that represents you have some knowledge isn’t as valuable as we’ve made it out to be. Why? Because often that knowledge it represents is hardly held by the graduate and if it is, it’s hardly useful in the world...