Amanda Watson
News Editor
3 minute read
4 Jun 2021
7:07 am

Eskom must leave the power to the people

Amanda Watson

Not only is our grid as wonky as a Joburg driver in rush hour traffic – it is about as delicate as an impugned crook still employed by government.

Picture: Pixabay

With Eskom literally crumbling around its own ears, isn’t it time government relinquished its stranglehold on power production? Every itsy bitsy teeny weeny electron produced must go through Eskom, which then sends it on to large metropoles to disburse as needed, while Eskom works with the outer areas of each urban centre. And when a city’s power supply is as rickety as Joburg’s, it has an incredible knock-on effect when that power, ironically sometimes through no fault of Eskom’s, becomes a problem. The city’s power grid seems as if it is being held together with baling wire and duct tape...