Nica Richards
Premium Journalist
1 minute read
20 May 2021
1:38 pm

WATCH: Madalas steal from Midrand office block in slow motion

Nica Richards

Two men, who appear to be dressed for work, walk up and down the office block’s corridors taking turns to ransack office equipment. 

A screenshot of the gentlemen who stole equipment from an office park in Midrand. Picture: Twitter/@Abramjee

In what may be the slowest and most underwhelming crime video to date, two older men were caught stealing computers and other equipment from an office block building in Midrand. 

Footage of the casual theft on Tuesday afternoon has since emerged. 

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It depicts two men who appear to be dressed for work walking up and down the office block’s corridors, taking turns to ransack a room or office of its equipment. 

They each make a few trips into the room or office, occasionally meeting up to chat while walking slowly to another part of the building. 

The goods appear to be computers and laptops.

Police have asked the public to call should they recognise any of the suspects. 

Watch the footage (which is not in slow motion) below.