Molefe Seeletsa
Digital Journalist
2 minute read
12 May 2021
11:29 am

VIDEO: Probe launched into cops sleeping while woman is being raped

Molefe Seeletsa

Video emerges of man complaining that police station phones were unanswered while cops were sleeping on the job.

The South African Police Service (Saps) has launched an internal investigation after officers failed to respond to a rape incident, says police spokesperson Lirandzu Themba.

A video surfaced on social media at the weekend of a man filming police officers who are reported to work at the Roodepoort police station sleeping on the job.

In the video, the man can be heard expressing his dissatisfaction after the officer failed to answer his calls when he tried to report a rape incident in the area.

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“Ma’am, I phoned here twice and I have asked you for your help and you couldn’t help me. I got into my car and drove here to tell you that they are raping a lady here on the corner of 7th Avenue and 7th Street and you refuse to speak to me.

“Is that correct Ma’am? I’m speaking to you. Is that how you treat the public after you have given your oath that you will protect the public? Now you can just rub your eyes, but you are taking our money, our tax money for your salary,” the unidentified man said.

The man then asked if the police officers had requested help to respond to the incident, with the officers giving the man little attention.

“And you people sitting there at the back … have you requested help for the lady that is being raped at this stage? You’re either going to get help for the lady that is being raped or I’m getting Captain York.

“You phone here and they are sleeping… we are asking for help for a woman that is being raped and then these ladies can just sit here and hide in the back. That is how they stand up for their sister in need.

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“I’m asking for help. They are raping a lady at the corner – are you not worried here? You are still sitting here, four people, sleeping in front of a heater but your sister’s being raped,” he said.

Themba said an internal investigation into the incident had been launched.

“An urgent internal investigation is under way to look into this serious allegation that SA Police Service officers who were on night duty were sleeping and failed to respond to complaints from a member of the public,” Themba said on Twitter.