Sandisiwe Mbhele
Lifestyle Journalist
2 minute read
22 Apr 2021
4:08 pm

Zodwa hits out at ‘f**ked up black people’ after ARV picture trends

Sandisiwe Mbhele

'People are afraid of abantu bazothini (what will people say). No wants to talk about this,' she says.

Zodwa Wabantu has come clean on ARV's post. Picture: Instagram


Exhibitionist dancer and reality TV star Zodwa Wabantu raised eyebrows when she posted a picture of a glass of water with an ARV pill and asked her followers what time they take their pill.

It turns out the picture was part of promoting the latest episode of her reality show Zodwa Wabantu Uncensored on Moja Love. It was an attempt to create conversation and open a dialogue on the topic, she told The Citizen. 

“People are afraid of abantu bazothini (what will people say). No one wants to talk about this or wants to say they are taking this medication; all they want talk about is Champagne and the nice life.”

Zodwa says she is an influencer and wants to convey a message of support in the fight again HIV/Aids.

“We must support our friends, colleagues, people we know who are sick, and tell them they must take their medication.”

Her stunt sparked conversation, with many sharing what time they take their ARV medication and how they do not care about any stigma surrounding HIV, as their main concern is to be alive.

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In a video of her dropping a bag with multiple pills spilling over the floor, the star called ARVs “Jacksons”.

People were concerned about her health.

“If a person has it or doesn’t have it (HIV), what would you do? Why does it matter to you? It is personal.”

However, she did clarify that she went and looked for the ARVs to buy, filled a glass of water and then took the picture.

“I have lost many friends through this. People are still not educated enough about it. Black people are so f**ked up and backwards. The reactions show this; it doesn’t matter if I have it or not, it is about informing people. I am not scared of anybody.”

She advised that people should get tested and talk with their partners about consent and HIV/Aids.