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5 Nov 2020
5:23 pm

NMB bans discharging of fireworks on Guy Fawkes Day under Level 1

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Every 5 November, millions across the world celebrate Guy Fawkes Day by setting off firecrackers and starting bonfires.

People watch fireworks to mark the country's Defence Day on the outskirts of Islamabad early in the morning on September 6, 2020. - Pakistan on September 6 celebrated the 55 anniversary of its second war with arch-rival India weeks after the two nuclear powers faced off in some of their deadliest skirmishes in over a decade. The major fighting of the war took place between August and September 1965 with both sides claiming victory after it ended in a stalemate following the intervention of the United States and Soviet Union. Photo by Farooq NAEEM / AFP

Discharging of fireworks to mark Guy Fawkes Day has been banned by the Nelson Mandela Bay municipality under lockdown Level 1.

The announcement was made by the metro’s safety and security portfolio head, councillor Queenie Pink.

Pink said, according to the Covid-19 regulations currently in place, the discharge of fireworks is not permitted.

“Residents are advised to note that we are still on lockdown Level 1 and there are no designated areas identified to set off fireworks,” she added.

Pink said, under Level 1 of the lockdown, the City will also not allow any person to sell or make available fireworks.

She added that no burning of tyres will be allowed on the road, as this damages the road infrastructure.

On Wednesday, the Port Elizabeth police announced there would be zero tolerance for Guy Fawkes revellers who start fires in the Nelson Mandela Bay metro.

The police moved swiftly on Wednesday and arrested two children on the eve of Guy Fawkes Day for burning tyres.

Port Elizabeth police spokesperson Colonel Priscilla Naidu said the boys, aged 12 and 14, were arrested at 17:10 at Gelvandale’s Gail Road in terms of the Criminal Matters Amendment Act.

“The juveniles were arrested for swinging tyres – this is when they burn the tyres and roll them down the road or swing them to make the sparks fly. This is very dangerous,” said Naidu.

However, the children were later released into the custody of their parents, said Naidu.

Naidu revealed that Helenvale, Gelvandale and Bethelsdorp are hotspot areas, that police are on high alert, and will show strong visibility in these northern areas.

Naidu said: “Parents are warned to take control of their children during this time. The Criminal Matters Amendment Act 18 of 2015 will form an integral part of the policing strategies employed in these areas.

“In terms of this legislation, any person who unlawfully and intentionally damages essential infrastructure is guilty of an offence.

“This will impact severely on those individuals setting tyres alight on the road surface as part of their ‘Guy Fawkes’ celebrations.”

Every 5 November, millions across the world celebrate Guy Fawkes Day by setting off firecrackers and starting bonfires.

Pink added: “No person may allow any minor under his/her supervision to ignite any fireworks and there is no exception to this rule. No person may light fireworks in any place where animals are present.

“No person may use fireworks at any school or senior citizens’ residence. Even under normal circumstances no person can use fireworks within 500 metres of any petrol station or petrol depot without Special Council Authorisation.

“No person or organisation can present a firework display unless formally authorised to do so by council after giving at least 14 days’ notice before display.”

Authorisation is also required from the Civil Aviation Authority and the Chief Inspector of Explosives, said Pink.

“At such a display, if a permission has been granted, a pyrotechnics and SAPS explosive expert must be present at all times,” said Pink.

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