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1 Jul 2020
3:52 pm

WATCH: South African OnlyFans creator talks about earning R130K a month from being nude

Kaunda Selisho

To celebrate her one-year anniversary on the platform, Abby Zeus answered all the questions she has been bombarded with over the last year.

OnlyFans creator, influencer and YouTubers Abby Zeus answered fan questions to celebrate her one-year anniversary on OnlyFans | Image: Twitter

$2,000 a week. $8,000 a month. 

That is how much Abby Zeus earns from being nude on the internet. 

At the current exchange rate, that is a whopping R34,000 weekly and R138,000 monthly. 

According to a YouTube video posted on her channel, the internet sensation started her foray into online exhibitionism back when she was 16 years old. 

After years of engaging on similar forums, she decided to finally make money from something she naturally enjoyed doing (being naked online). 

“I started an OnlyFans account because my nudes started leaking since I was, like, 16. And I was always in these nudity Facebook groups. You know it was like my little secret… I’d look at nude people and want to go nude myself and stuff. The whole nudity thing was intriguing to me,” explained Abby before sharing how she adopted a similar aesthetic to what she had seen in her own posts.  

“When I came across OnlyFans and I was like ‘sh** I’ve been doing this sh** for free and people can pay for it?’ So that was my whole thing. If my nudes are gonna be on the internet, might as well have people pay for them.”

She even went as far as calling her love for nudity her passion. 

According to Abby, she had grown up with insecurities about her body and once she eventually let go of most of the hang-ups she had about how she looked naked, she found it to be very freeing. So freeing, in fact, that she now loves being naked every chance she gets. 

Dealing with the question about how her family reacted, Abby said her parents (a preacher and a nurse) reacted the way any “21st-century black family would.”

She recalled how various people sent her images and videos to her parents when they found out and her parents threatened to beat her upon finding out what she was doing. 

“Everybody has this really bad image about people showing themselves naked online or just in public. It’s like a taboo, they wanna see you in a suit or making speeches at the court or like a nun or something. They want you to be a doctor and all civilised, no tattoos. It goes with all the stuff that society says is bad so obviously they would freak unless they’re really open-minded people…”

She then shared how she had to sit her mom down and explain her choice to her. 

Abby described herself as the kind of person who would still try doing something despite being warned against it just to experience it for herself and make up her own mind, hence her foray into life as an amateur porn star. 

“Okay cool, thank you for your opinion, because that’s all you can have in my life.”

She cautioned people against assuming that she had a bad upbringing, adding that she was raised by a preacher and a nurse who sent her to a catholic school and had her be very involved in the church. 

“Oh my gosh, she was an altar server, how dare she?!” said Abby mockingly, mimicking the things people who know her have said. 

She warned aspiring creators that people may try to coerce them into quitting by shaming their families into begging them to stop. 

How does OnlyFans work?

“It works like any other social media platform. You upload something and people see it and they get to like and they get to comment. Only difference is they have to pay. They will not see something you uploaded unless they pay the subscription amount that you have set. You have control over everything. Obviously OnlyFans takes a little fee for you using their platform. And you can withdraw money. That’s how it works. It’s just an Instagram where you have to pay to follow someone.”

Abby went on to explain how she gets subscribers and admitted that her large following as an influencer helped her in gaining a large number of followers. 

“I’ve been promoting my own OnlyFans content on my Twitter, my Instagram and my YouTube. A trick that I like to try or a trick that I do is that I reply to similar OnlyFans accounts with my content on Twitter. If there’s a tweet that matches my type of vibe, I’ll reply with my video and my link so that if people go to that tweet, they’ll see my content.” 

She concluded that she does not regret starting her account because of the financial freedom her earnings have given her. 

Abby said that she plans to get liposuction, buy a new home and a new car using her earnings.

Thus far, she has bought art supplies, instruments and designer shoes and clothing with her earnings. 

She estimated that she has earned a total of $416,000 (R7,137,811) in the past year. 

Watch the full video below: 

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