‘Toothless’ safety regulator to blame for fatal train crash – UNTU

‘Toothless’ safety regulator to blame for fatal train crash – UNTU

Picture: Michel Bega

Railway workers’ union UNTU laid the blame for last night’s fatal train crash outside Johannesburg at the door of the Railway Safety Regulator, who they accuse of being easily swayed into issuing operating permits despite glaring safety shortcomings.

While clean-up operations continue at the West Rand’s Horison View railway station – scene of Wednesday evening’s train crash that claimed the life of one passenger, and injured four others  – the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (Prasa) refused to be drawn into assertions made by trade union UNTU, which blamed the Railway Safety Regulator (RSR) for granting the rail agency a safety permit. RSR spokesperson Madeleine Williams was also not available to respond to UNTU’s charges that the accident could have been averted, had the regulator stuck to its guns in refusing to grant Prasa a safety permit....




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