Tragedy at Tshwane’s reserve as rhinos get electrocuted

Najin (L) and Fatu, the only two remaining female northern white rhinos graze together in their paddock on March 20, 2018 in Kenya. AFP/File/TONY KARUMBA

A female rhino, her calf and a zebra were electrocuted.

Sometime during the course of Friday night, tragedy struck at Tshwane’s Rietvlei Nature Reserve, when a female rhino, her calf and a zebra were electrocuted after the collapse of an Eskom electricity pylon.

Tshwane Nature Conservation officials discovered the 3 carcasses earlier this morning during routine patrols.

It is unknown what caused the collapse of the wooden pylons, however, preliminary indications are that one leg of the two-legged structure failed about 1,5 metres above ground level, causing the overhead electricity cables to come into contact with the animals which were below it at the time.

Eskom technicians are already on site to repair the pylon and secure the overhead cables.

The City’s Nature Conservation officials will work closely with Eskom officials to establish the cause of the collapse, check the soundness of all other structures along this overhead line, and to determine which measures that could be implemented to safeguard the reserve’s wildlife from further harm.

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