Daniel Friedman
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3 Oct 2019
3:39 pm

Comedian who joked about Dros rape in trouble (again)

Daniel Friedman

WARNING: This post includes strong and potentially offensive language. 

Comedian Kevin Meyer. Picture: Facebook.

Comedian Kevin Meyer is currently facing a forceful backlash online for jokes that one Facebook user called “transphobic, Islamaphobic, racist, misogynistic, sexist, ableist” and xenophobic.

Those who have followed Meyer’s work perhaps should not be surprised, as most South Africans who have indeed heard of him first came across his name after a joke about Nicholas Ninow’s rape of a seven-year-old in a Dros restaurant bathroom was met with widespread outrage.

Back then, Meyer was not well known, and was described in an article in The Citizen as an “alleged comedian”.

Since then, however, he does seem to have become a bit more recognisable thanks in part to appearing on MTV’s Guy Code. The channel has since distanced itself from him.

“MTV Africa does not associate with these views, comments and opinions expressed. Kevin Meyer’s content will no longer air on the MTV Guy Code,” the channel said in a statement.

A backlash followed a joke of Meyer’s on Facebook which was considered homophobic.

“Sometimes being a man means peeing bravely into the dark, relying only on god, because sitting down is for women and gays.”

This has led to outrage over other posts, including:

“Violence against women is no joke … because bad cooking isn’t funny!

“Why have you never seen a Nigerian cashier at checkers? ‘Cos it’s awkward when they ask, do you want a bag with that?

“Why are gay people always hitting on straight people? Because they don’t look straight.

“Jesus is definitely black because he sure hasn’t come back on time.

“All these women who blanket judge every man as trash should go eat pussy and shut the fuck up.

“If transgenders were transformers they’d be decepticons.

“Gay dudes with diarrhoea suck, get it? They suck, because … Nevermind.

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“What’s a midget couple called? A pair of shorts.

“Just because I’d suck a dick for R10 million doesn’t mean I’m gay.

“I don’t believe all transgender guys identify as women, for sure some dress like that for the free drinks.

“Aids sounds really bad, until someone you hate gets it.”

The jokes have been met with harsh criticism, with one person even calling into The Citizen to complain about them.

As was the case with the Dros rape joke, however, Meyer is either unfazed by the response or intent on doubling down and ignoring it.

Below are several screenshots showing how he reacted to posts, with gems including telling someone who called him classy: “lol like your mom when she was sucking my dick.”

While the post which caused the initial outrage has been deleted, Meyer has since posted other things which suggest he is not overly concerned by it all, such as:

“Chaos is my bitch and I dance wildly with her bumping into sleepy cunts while amusing the broken and mad.”

When approached for comment by The Citizen, Meyer once again showed that he is unapologetic.

“My official response is: Bananas are delicious, the world is burning and I’ve binge-watched all the good series…” he said, before following this up shortly afterwards with: “I donno man, u got me just after smoking some weed… (sic).”

Meyer’s first taste of controversy came after he posted a question asking moms how they disciplined their young children before answering his own question by commenting “tell them if they don’t behave ul send them to a Dros toilet” [sic].

The post was immediately screenshotted and shared numerous times drawing negative comments and inbox messages from social media users who were disgusted by what Kevin had to say.


So a couple of people have shared some of Kevin Meyer’s homophobic posts on my timeline this morning, and so I thought…

Posted by Devon Parker on Thursday, 3 October 2019

Picture: Screenshot.

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