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19 Jun 2019
10:47 am

K Naomi apologises for saying she ‘hates bipolar people’

Citizen reporter

The model has been criticised for using the mental disorder to refer to moody people.

Model and presenter K Naomi | Image: Instagram by @lebolukewarm

Model and TV presenter K Naomi (Keitumetse Naomi Noinyane) has come under fire for saying that she hates bipolar people.

In the offending tweet, which was posted just after 1am and has since been deleted, K Naomi tweeted: “I hate bipolar people… You can’t always switch up, choose your vibes and be about them.”

k naomi bipolar tweet

She immediately began trending during the early hours of Wednesday morning and was met with anger from people who had been diagnosed with some or other mental disorder as well as their friends and family.


Her tweets even solicited a response from the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG).

She later apologised but not before she became South Africa’s number one trending topic on Twitter.

While many understood that she was using the word bipolar in reference to people who are inconsistent and moody, they still took offence with her callous use of the word as a substitute.

Some even used the conversation to teach others to use the right words when it comes to mental disorders.




When contacted for comment, K Naomi apologised once again and admitted that she used the wrong words to get her point across.

“I’m so sorry to everyone I have offended with my tone-deaf tweet on bipolar and persons affected by the illness. My comment was not meant to offend, but rather to vent about people I found to be moody and inconsistent towards me. I used the wrong descriptor to carry my point across and for this, I am extremely sorry.”

She also addressed her own struggles with mental health.

“As someone who has suffered from depression, I know too well the difficulties experienced by persons suffering from mental illness. I regret offending everyone and I do agree that some education on my part is necessary. I’m sorry.”

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(Compiled by Kaunda Selisho)

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