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5 Jun 2019
9:57 am

KZN snake catcher warns residents of start of mating season

CNS reporter

Black mamba sightings are set to increase as mating season begins, warns local snake man Jason Arnold.

Sunningdale snake man, Jason Arnold said there has been an increase in call outs and sightings of black and green mambas of late across Durban.

With winter well upon us, snake activity has greatly been reduced in the Durban North area. However, a few species of South Africa’s deadliest snakes are in the midst of their mating seasons.

Northglen News recently spoke to Sunningdale snake man Jason Arnold, who said he had received dozens of call-outs for a number of snake species including black mambas, green mambas, and puff adders in the last two weeks.

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While Arnold admitted black mambas were active all year round, because there was always food for them, he said there would be an increase in sightings due to the mating season beginning this week.

“I’d like to just warn people to be aware and to stay calm if they happen to come across a snake. Don’t go into a frenzy. Stay calm and keep kids and pets away from the area and monitor the snake from a safe distance and call a professional snake catcher,” he said.

Arnold said the best way not to get bitten by a snake was not to interfere with it.

“Snakes only become scared and defensive when they are put in a position where they feel threatened,” he said.

Contact Arnold on 082 745 6375.

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