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20 Mar 2019
2:38 pm

Twitter slates Cassper for saying he is the benchmark of SA hip hop

Citizen reporter

The 'Monate Mpolaye' hitmaker says he won't let haters stop him from complimenting himself.

Cassper Nyovest pays his last respects to the late Linda 'ProKid' Mkhize. Picture: Tracy Lee Stark

Social media users, including tsibipians, turned their backs on Cassper Nyovest after tweets that were seen to be exposing his arrogance and jealousy on Tuesday. A Twitter user asked others to share unpopular opinions about Cassper, which they did, though no one was expecting him to do it himself.

He said: “They never saw it coming. He is the [most] loved hip-hop artists of all time [sic]. He’s the benchmark. He is the reason why ni**as have their one-man concerts today. The boy is a legend. They hate the fact that he knows he is a legend an he isn’t afraid of saying it. The Greatest!”

The comment seems to have united AKA’s fans as well of some of his own, who said he could have commented without throwing shade at anyone.

Some argued that other great artists had been doing one-man-shows way before Cassper entered the music scene but never boasted about it. Others said he should have congratulated AKA for a successful concert over the weekend instead of throwing shade.


But Cassper was not backing down. He said he would not anyone stop him from speaking highly of himself because none of them knew the struggled he conquered.

“Ya’ll don’t understand how important it is to love your dam self. That’s the only way to be happy. Speak highly of yourself. Settle into your greatness. Don’t let nobody tell you any different. You’re the shit!!!!

“I’m done talking down on myself. Only great words about myself from myself now on. Nobody can compliment me more than I can compliment myself because nobody knows my struggles and victories like I can so I will gas myself up. Who you wanna know about? Cassper? He’s the Greatest!”

He has been trending since.

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