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17 Jan 2019
3:17 pm

State capture hearing adjourned due to ‘security situation’

Citizen reporter

The hearing will resume on Friday morning.

Head of the corruption accused facilities management company, Bosasa, Angelo Agrizzi speaks at the State Capture Commission in Parktown, 16 January 2019. Picture - Neil McCartney

After over an hour of failing to resume the state capture hearing on Thursday, Judge Raymond Zondo announced the hearing would not proceed today over a “security situation”.

“There was a security situation in the building connected to the hearing that needed to be looked into. It has been looked into and it’s necessary that measures be taken to ensure those who come to the hearing are safe and relevant authorities need to be given space to do that. We will resume tomorrow. We will adjourn and resume at 10 am tomorrow,” he said.

Earlier, former chief operating officer of facilities management company Bosasa Angelo Agrizzi told the Zondo Commission that people who knew “too much” or disobeyed instructions were “disposed of”.

The former COO said Bosasa allegedly paid people bribes on a monthly basis to keep them under control and happy, further describing the life of living on bribes as a “trap”. He said he also used to be given money to keep him happy and quiet.

He said: “The money was never recorded in the books, it was paid to keep me happy and buy loyalty, it made me feel important and [I] got caught up in the cult. Bribery is a trap because you raise your standard of living when you get it and that’s the whole monopoly idea. As soon as you start complaining about it, it gets taken away. They paid people bribes on a monthly basis to control them.”

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