Top 5 craziest high school videos of 2018

Top 5 craziest high school videos of 2018

Pupils from the Mphe-Bana High School in Koster staged a silent protest outside the Koster Magistrate's Court calling for the protest to stop, 28 May 2019. Picture: ANA

A countdown of the wildest things that have been filmed happening in South African schools this year.

Nine months into 2018, a number of videos have surfaced depicting various scenarios of extreme behaviour in high schools. From fighting with teachers to preaching about the pleasures of sex, here are the top five videos that have us wondering what is going on in our schools.

1. Two Lenasia Secondary School pupils assault teacher

The pupils were suspended at the beginning of August after a video of them assaulting a teacher went viral online. In the video, one pupil can be seen touching the teacher’s buttocks while one records the act and the others laugh. The act is preceded by the pupil taunting the teacher before brushing his buttocks while looking into the camera and laughing with his friend who is recording the video and egging him on.

2. Primary school boy beats young girl in shocking viral video

The video, initially reported on by Vaalweekblad, shows a primary school boy in Vereneeging beating a young girl, while the girl can be seen trying to shield herself with one hand.

Shortly after the video began to trend, the school allegedly refused to comment, citing that comment will be delivered by the Gauteng department of education. No such communication has been released to date.

3. Pupil preachers about her love for sex

The 16-year-old grade 10 pupil who was also recorded by a classmate can be heard using vulgar Setswana slang and terminology to declare her love for sex and condemn virgins as she exclaims “ke bolela ka selo se monate! Gape sex e monate. Motho ge a le virgin nou o itshenyetsa nako” which translate to “I am talking about something nice. Sex is nice. Anyone who is still a virgin at this moment is wasting their time.”

She goes on to use vulgar slang for the various body parts to describe the act of sex and how it makes her feel.

She has since been suspended for five days by Sikhululekile High School after the school conducted its own investigations into the matter and instituted a disciplinary process.

According to a report published by Sunday World, the girl’s mother refused to comment on the matter while Gauteng education department spokesperson Steve Mabona said “[the] utilization of a cellphone in a classroom, especially during contact time is prohibited and, as such, learners should be mindful of what they record on their phones.”

4. High school girls brawl outside school gates

Little is known about the video which was reported on by the Ladysmith Gazette but it is believed the fight took place some time last week outside the school gates. Due to the sensitive nature of the content, the video has since been taken down but it shows the two girls in an altercation shortly before one slaps the other and they end up in a violent fight.

“We will not allow acts like this to tarnish the reputation of the school. The school will apply the code of conduct,” said the school’s acting principal, Mr Padayachee, who has met with both the pupils’ parents in an effort to address the issue.

5. High school lap dance 

An old video, recently posted on Instagram by YFM breakfast show host, DJ Ankletap, shows a female student giving a male student a lap dance in their classroom. Both students from an unidentified high school can be seen in uniform in the video.

Daily Sun reports that the Gauteng Department of Education said they could not identify the school, but they were deeply concerned about the conduct of the pupils.

“The department strongly condemns any misbehaviour in schools. Serious action could be taken against those involved. We have a policy of zero tolerance to any form of misconduct and anyone found to be in transgression of this policy will be dealt with in accordance with the South African Schools Act,” said the department’s spokesperson, Steve Mabona.

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