Social media reacts to Ernst Roets’ parliamentary tongue lashing

Afriforum deputy CEO Ernst Roets in parliament | Image: YouTube

Afriforum deputy CEO Ernst Roets in parliament | Image: YouTube

MPs displayed a surprising show of unity against the assertions made by the Afriforum deputy CEO

Afriforum’s deputy CEO Ernst Roets made his way to parliament on Thursday to make an oral submission before Parliament’s constitutional review committee on land expropriation and quickly drew the ire of many MPs with his assertions on the matter.

Roets stated that the idea of land being stolen from black South Africans was not based on fact, and even went so far as to call it the “biggest historic fallacy” of our time before adding that allowing expropriation without compensation to happen would trample on human rights.

In a video clip taken from the full footage of the proceedings, Roets can be heard telling the house that they are “drunk on ideology” of what he called the “obviously failing national democratic revolution.”

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It was not long before MPs from all sides came raining down on Roets with verbal hellfire in response to his submission.

MPs such as the IFP’s Ink Elphas Buthelezi and ACDP’s Steve Swart called Roets all sorts of things from an embarrassment to arrogant.

Social media users revelled in the tongue lashing that Roets received and have widely shared clips from various MPs.

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