WATCH: Malema slams ‘white owned media’ for alleged pro-Ramaphosa propaganda

WATCH: Malema slams ‘white owned media’ for alleged pro-Ramaphosa propaganda

Julius Malema. Picture: Twitter/EFF

EFF commander-in-chief Julius Malema was filmed making comments at a rally, where he accused news network eNCA of openly supporting the President, and the ‘white owned media’ of trying to ‘impose Ramaphosa’ on South African voters.

The EFF leader slammed eNCA for “making a decision to support Ramaphosa”.

“Every night (during the news) they put Ramaphosa’s picture at the back of the news anchors. Where have you ever seen such madness? Not even the Gupta TV (sic) did what eNCA is doing”, he said.

Malema continued, “This white people owned media is worse than the Gupta media (sic)”.

In the rant, posted on Twitter by popular parody account @AdvBarryRoux, the firebrand politician also dismissed the show As It Happens, where Mbuyiseni Ndlozi recently appeared as guest anchor, as “some useless show”, slamming the fact that “behind (him) there was Cyril Ramaphosa poster” during the broadcast.

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“Why would an independent media house (display) the face of a politician?  If it was the SABC we would understand, it’s a public broadcaster, maybe it’s funded by government. (But) not even SABC (would) put Ramaphosa’s picture (there)”.

The politician claims that eNCA’s decision to display the President’s face on the screen during As It Happens is an attempt to sway voters on behalf of South Africa’s white population. “eNCA wants to put that picture (there) until the elections. Why? Because white people want to impose Ramaphosa on us”.

“Why are they doing that? Because they know we are not liberated. Once it is said by a white man we are going to buy into it because … of the mentality of those who are enslaved. Every time it’s said by a white man it’s the gospel truth”, Malema continued.

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