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9 Apr 2014
2:03 pm

Oscar read bail application twice

Paralympian Oscar Pistorius read his bail application a couple of times before he testified in his murder trial, the High Court in Pretoria heard on Wednesday.

FILE PICTURE: People attending the murder trial of paralympian Oscar Pistorius get emotional at the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria, Wednesday, 9 April 2014. Picture: Sydney Seshibedi/The Times/Pool

“I went through my bail application a couple of times,” he said under cross-examination from prosecutor Gerrie Nel.

“My version hasn’t changed since then… I do know what I said there.”

Nel questioned Pistorius on whether he used evidence from other witnesses to reconstruct his version of events.

Pistorius is accused of the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, who was shot through the locked toilet door of his Pretoria home on February 14 last year.

He says he mistook her for an intruder and has pleaded not guilty.

He also faces two charges of contravening the Firearms Control Act, to which he has denied guilt.

On Wednesday, Nel asked Pistorius what he could not remember and if he had used evidence by other witnesses to reconstruct his version.

He said he could not remember parts of carrying Steenkamp down the stairs or calling the security guard.

Nel asked Pistorius if he took evidence from other witnesses into account to construct his version from the time when he went to bed and when he shot Steenkamp.

Pistorius replied: “No.”

Pistorius said he went through the bail application a few times.

He said the first time he was asked to answer questions about what happened he was at the Brooklyn police station and he was very emotional.

When asked what else he did not remember, he said: “Reeva speaking to me as I sat up in bed… it would be phoning Mr Baba (security guard) which I don’t remember.”

Pistorius said for purposes of the bail application his defence did not put in all the details he had given to them.

Nel asked: “Nothing that’s in the bail application is untrue?”

Pistorius said it was all the truth and he had not changed his version since then.

Nel: “Your evidence in court was also true?”

Pistorius replied: “That is correct My Lady.”