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#MbekiOnPower viewers cringe at ‘disruptive’ Given Mkhari’s conduct

Given interviewing Thabo Mbeki

Given interviewing Thabo Mbeki

Twitter expressed strong disapproval of Mkhari’s interviewing skills.

Twitter seems to agree that Power FM chairperson Given Mkhari was not the perfect person to conduct last night’s interview with former president Thabo Mbeki.

Many were not impressed with the way Mkhari carried himself during the interview, accusing him of being unprofessional and disruptive.

“Given Mkhari was very disruptive to Mbeki. Next time find another person to run that show. People were not happy with his conduct,” said Twitter user Sipho Motlowane.

Another user Zama Mvulane echoed Sipho’s views, saying Mkhari was a messy interviewer and that his lack of political depth was evident.


Twitter was so disappointed at Mkhari’s interviewing style that they suggested he let JJ Tabane, Thabiso ‘TT’ Tema or Iman Rappetti do the job next time.

“The one thing we can take away from #MbekiOnPower is that Given Mkhari is quite bad at interviewing,” Sbusiso tweeted.


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