Autopsies under way to determine cause of mystery deaths in Witbank

Ms Ellen Violet Malang is comforted by another family member. Picture: Witbank News

A mother and her three children were found dead in their beds earlier this week.

Only an autopsy will be able to determine what happened to a mother and her three children, who were all found dead at their home in Reyno Ridge, Mpumalanga, Witbank News reports.

For the Malang and Mhlanga families, the realisation of losing four loved ones at once has still not sunk in as they wait for answers.

On Tuesday, July 11 the autopsies were performed at the Forensic Pathology Services in eMalahleni. An extra doctor was brought in to perform the autopsies on the children. Urine and blood samples were taken to determine the exact cause of death, and these samples have been sent to the forensic department in Pretoria.

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Mr Mandla Mhlanga is comforted by close family friends. Picture: Witbank News

Mr Mandla Mhlanga is comforted by close family friends. Picture: Witbank News

Initially, on Monday morning, July 10, the domestic worker that works at the Mhlanga family house in Skiatos Complex in Cancer Street, Reyno Ridge noticed the red Jeep Cherokee standing outside, the doors were all locked, and all the curtains in the house were drawn.

The domestic worker knocked a couple of times, and there was no answer, and it was unlike the Mhlanga family to not open the doors.

Concerned, she contacted Pearl Mhlanga, 32, the mother of Ellen Violet Malang, and notified her about her concern.


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