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French rugby team’s boat capsizes in KZN

Capsized boat

Capsized boat

Some of the players had to be rescued by a Sharks Board boat.

French touring team players were rocked early on Monday morning during a sunrise boat dive outing at Rocky Bay when a freak wave scrummed their boat and players on to the rocks, the Vaal Weekblad reports.

However, all swam back to shore safely without any injuries or sea concussion incidents. They all seemed to be shaken by the incident but nevertheless had a halftime “lemoen tyd” session on the beach at half-time.

The same French team touring members attempted a second dive session with a 2nd boat outing and this boat decided to capsize in the waves as well, forcing the team members to carry out strenuous swimming exercises back to shore while a few were rescued by a Sharks Board boat in the immediate vicinity.

Rescue team

Rescue team

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The boat

Fortunately no injuries occurred.

When a few team members were asked if they would attempt a third dive outing, they said they would rather attempt to do something a little safer ahead of Saturday’s final test.


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