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30 May 2017
4:17 pm

Alleged scrap thief run over by truck

CNS Reporter

The driver of the truck said that as he was crossing the intersection, something lifted the left rear wheel as if he ran over a hard object.

Police wait for pathology personnel while the body of a man killed by a truck lies on the road

A middle-aged man was run over by a heavy truck transporting scrap metal for recycling on Monday.

The incident occurred at the intersection of Vanderbijlpark (near Mittal), Vereeniging, Potchefstroom and Houtkop Road (Sonland Park), at about 12.30pm, Sedibeng Ster reported.

The truck was from Houtkop Road, crossing in the direction of ArcelorMittal.

The driver of the truck said as he was crossing the intersection something lifted the left rear wheel, as if he ran over a hard object.

“As I looked in my rearview-mirror I saw something that looked like a person lying in the road.”

He said he then pulled to the side of the road, to see what had happened when he was met by a corpse in the middle of the road.

He adds that he does not understand how it happened, as when he crossed the intersection, he was sure that there was no-one in or near the road.

Onlookers said normally the scrap thieves hide in a farrow near the road next to traffic lights.

“Immediately when the truck with scrap is about to leave the traffic lights, they jump on. The suspects off-load the scrap until the next traffic lights where the truck makes a turn off to the scrapyard.

“Apparently the deceased lost control while he was holding on between two trailers towed by the truck.It looks like he fell and ended up under the four rear wheels.”

Police and paramedics arrived on the scene and he was declared dead.

Police said for the past eight months, more than ten scrap thieves have been killed the same way. Investigations continue.

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