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Gunmen rob jewellery store and hold manager at gunpoint

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File Photo

The manager was taken to the back of the store with her hands tied up.

Three gun-wielding robbers targeted a local jewellery store yesterday afternoon (Thursday, May 18) in KwaZulu-Natal, Ladysmith Gazette reports.

The three men entered the store, pretending to be normal shoppers, before holding up the store manager and another staff member. One of the gunmen jumped over the counter and held the manager at gunpoint.

She was taken to the back of the store, where her hands were tied with a lanyard (cord or strap worn around the neck, shoulder or wrist to carry such items as keys or identification cards) and the robber continued to hold her at gunpoint.

The other two robbers demanded that the second staff member remove cash from the till, and also made her open the cabinets where the jewellery is stored.

At the time of the robbery, there were only two staff members in the store.

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The three men made off with an undisclosed amount of cash and merchandise.

The staff members stated that the robbers came in like ordinary customers and everything happened in a matter of minutes. The robbery took place at around closing time (3.45pm).

None of the staff were injured, but were in a state of shock after their ordeal.

Police are currently investigating a case of business robbery.

There has recently been a spate of jewellery store robberies throughout the country, and this one adds to the list.


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