News 15.5.2017 03:47 pm

WATCH: Suspect crashes hijacked police vehicle

Hijacking scene.

Hijacking scene.

It is alleged a woman police officer was in the vehicle.

A shootout ensued between the police and suspects, one of whom was shot in the head, after hijacking a police vehicle on the corner of Jan Coetzee Street and Kritzinger Road in Florentia, East Rand, Alberton Record reports.

The vehicle was hijacked on the N3, where the woman driver was thrown out of the vehicle.

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The suspect crashed into a wall during the high-speed chase and was shot in the head. He has been transported to hospital.

The road is blocked, and motorists are urged to avoid the area in the meantime.

An update will follow soon.


UPDATE: Frantic search for baby abducted in hijacking, car found


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