Man asks to eat people’s dead dogs in Dundee


SPCA advised he could not eat the dogs because they had been euthanised.

Dundee has always been known to have strange people or stories, But none is as strange as the man who asked for the carcasses of dead dogs so that he could eat them, the Northern Natal Courier reports.

The man in question was at the SPCA when he noticed kennel hands moving the carcasses of dogs that had just been euthanised.

He then told SPCA officials that instead of burying the dogs, they should give them to him so that he could eat them.

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Horrified, SPCA staff told him that he could not eat the dogs because they had been euthanised and were therefore poisonous.

The man replied that if one skinned them properly and put them in the sun to dry, they would be fine for consumption.

(That’s not true by the way, in case you’re wondering).


Caxton News Service

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