Suspect wanted for attempting to murder three people

Alex police spokesperson Captain Allie Kodisang

The suspect was initially warned on public indecency, and he never took it politely.

A suspect is wanted by the Alex Police for the alleged attempted murder of three victims and public indecency, Alex News reports.

According to police spokesperson Captain Allie Kodisang, the suspect allegedly shot one victim in the chest, another in the neck and the third, a tavern owner, escaped injury by locking himself inside his building.

The incident occurred near a tavern on 14th Avenue. The suspect, who was allegedly urinating nearby, was warned by the owner about public indecency and posing a health risk to the public.

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The suspect did not take it kindly and allegedly warned the owner that he would come after him.

Later, gunshots were heard and when the owner checked, he saw a man who had been shot lying on the ground. When he noticed the armed suspect approaching him, he ran back and locked himself in his business.

Other gunshots were heard and minutes later, the owner came out again and found another victim writhing on the ground. The suspect had disappeared. The owner took the victims – one with gunshot wounds in the chest and the other in the neck – for treatment at the Alex Clinic.


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