GRAPHIC: Puppy chained to dog’s carcass with barbed wire

The dog is now safe and sound.

The dog is now safe and sound.

The dog has been checked by a veterinarian, given tick and flea treatment, a warm blanket as well as food and water.

A female dog that was tied up with barbed wire to the decaying carcass of another dog in Molweni was found and is being cared for at the Kloof and Highway SPCA in Durban.

The little pooch was spotted on Wednesday by a concerned community member who quickly helped remove the dog from its constrains, but it ran off, Highway Mail reported.

The nonprofit organisation’s inspectors, staff and volunteers then came to the rescue.

The organisation posted a message on its Facebook page to note that the dog had been found today.

“This is one of the most gruesome and deeply disturbing animal cruelty cases that has been reported to the Kloof and Highway SPCA recently,” said the Kloof and Highway SPCA’s marketing manager, Lisa Mörck.

Seen here is the puppy chained to the decaying body of another dog with barbed wire. PHOTO: Kloof and Highway SPCA Facebook.

“We are thrilled to report that the dog, which was spotted in Molweni yesterday tethered with barbed wire to a dead and decaying carcass of a second dog, is safe and warm in our care,” said Mörck.

Kloof and Highway SPCA’s outreach assistant, Sbonelo Gasa, and dedicated volunteer Elaine Cairns found the dog this morning in the Molweni area.

The dog was checked by the NPO’s veterinarian, given tick and flea treatment, a warm blanket as well as food and water.

“Thank you to Sbonelo and Elaine for not giving up the search for her, and for all your efforts in ensuring she is safe and sound.”

“An investigation into the horrific act of animal cruelty is being undertaken by the Kloof and Highway SPCA,” concluded Mörck.

The manager at the NPO, Barbara Patrick, added: “In my eight and a half years at the Kloof and Highway SPCA, I have seen much animal cruelty, but today, I have no words and am completely and utterly shocked by this act of barbaric cruelty to two innocent dogs. Who would do this?”

The organisation appealed to the public to contact the Kloof and Highway SPCA should you have any information about this case.

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