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Driver accidentally shoots himself in road rage incident

stock image. Photo: Thinkstock.

stock image. Photo: Thinkstock.

One of the drivers swerved to get into the fast lane and it was all south from there.

A driver accidentally shot himself in the hand during a road rage incident today on the M13 in Hillcrest, Durban, the Highway Mail reports.

According to Hillcrest police communications officer Constable Ndumiso Manqele, “Police responded to a road rage incident involving the drivers of a Ford Ranger and a truck at noon. The truck driver told police the argument started when he swerved the truck to get on to the fast lane.

“He said the Ford Ranger driver started swearing at him. Both of them jumped out of their vehicles and, after a few minutes the Ford Ranger driver went back to his car, drew out a 9mm pistol and pointed it at the truck driver.

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“The truck driver grabbed the hand of the man holding the gun, twisted the man’s hand holding the gun and he accidentally shot himself,” said Manqele.

The driver was treated on scene. A case of attempted murder and pointing a firearm would be opened with Hillcrest police.

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