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Armed men storm into KZN homes

Armed robberies.

Armed robberies.

The armed robberies occurred within an hour of each other.

Four men stormed a home in Oakleigh Avenue in La Lucia just after 10am on Thursday, the Northglen News reports.

The gang, who were all armed, accosted the gardener and domestic worker who were at home at the time of the robbery. Kyle van Reenen of Marshall Security said the domestic worker was also slapped around by one of the suspects.

“The suspects made off with an iPad, other electronic items and a safe. The domestic worker was assaulted by the suspects during the robbery. Police and Marshall Security are still searching for the suspects,” he said.

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Just an hour after the armed robbery, a home in Homeford Drive, uMhlanga, was robbed by four men allegedly dressed as municipal workers.

“The suspects were dressed as municipal workers and were in a bakkie. They were able to get access into the home and accosted the homeowner. It’s unclear at this stage what was taken in the armed robbery,” he said.

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