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Drug bust – one arrested and large amount of drugs confiscated

Photo supplied

Photo supplied

The police had acted on a tip-off which led to the arrest of a drug lord.

A man was arrested yesterday (11 April) and a substantial amount of drugs was confiscated during a raid in Florida, West Rand, Roodepoort Record reports.

Florida Police, Florida CPF Sector 2 and Apcan Security’s Specialised Operations Group (SOG) acted on a tip-off and conducted a raid at a well-known drug house in Florida. The raid yielded one arrest and the confiscation of a large amount of Tik.

On the police’s request the amount and monetary value of the drugs will not be disclosed.

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Herman Coetzee, commander of the SOG, stated, “Social crime such as drug use and abuse always result in more serious crimes, which can range from housebreaking and theft, to rape and murder. Therefore Apcan SOG in conjunction with Florida Police and Florida CPF Sector 2 is doing everything in its power to remove drugs from streets in order to make our society a safer place.”


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