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Suspect bites woman during attempted hijacking

Authorities at the scene of the incident.

Authorities at the scene of the incident.

The hijacker allegedly gained entry via an open window at a red robot.

A 21-year-old woman was bitten by a suspect during an attempted hijacking in the Verulam CBD, north of Durban, recently, Phoenix Sun reports.

Members of Reaction Unit South Africa received multiple calls from residents regarding the incident. Upon arrival at the scene, reaction officers found that the woman in a white VW Polo had impacted with a robot.

Paramedics treated the woman for facial injuries and a bite to her hand.

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According to the woman, she was at the red robot on Todd Street when an unknown man entered her car through an open window. The woman then drove off and the suspect bit her in an attempt to force her out of the car.

The vehicle then slammed into the robot, and the suspect was ejected. He then got up and fled into a bush along the R102. No arrests have been made.

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