Man allegedly threatens to kill wife, forces children to drink paraffin

Maxwell Masoko who tried to set his two minor children alight before fleeing the dwelling.

Maxwell Masoko who tried to set his two minor children alight before fleeing the dwelling.

After forcing his children to drink paraffin, he set the room alight before escaping and leaving the children behind.

KwaNonqaba police in Western Cape are still looking for a man who is accused of having tried to kill his wife and forcing his two minor children to drink paraffin

Maxwell Masoko, in his 50s, is alleged to have tried to kill his common-law wife on February 4, George Herald reported.

Sandra Galada, the mother of a three-year-old boy and his younger sister, said Masoko threatened her and said he was going to kill her when he arrived at her house despite the court interdict that prohibits him from even seeing his children again before the age of 18.

Galada had obtained the court protection order approximately seven months prior to this incident, as Masoko had previously assaulted her viciously.

“Tonight will be your last breath,” Masoko apparently told Galada, allegedly terrorising her with a knife and repeatedly hitting her on the face and on her upper body.

It is alleged he broke three heavy dining room chairs over her back and tried to tie her to the remaining chair.

Neighbours who tried to intervene were in turn also threatened with the knife Masoko brandished about.

“I tried to calm him down. My three-year-old little boy kept pulling at my clothes and asked that we should stop fighting. I managed to ask my next door neighbours for help. They tried calling the police but kept getting through only to a police station in George. Eventually, they drove to the KwaNonqaba police station to fetch the police to intervene and help me,” Galada said.

Masoko then apparently forced his children to drink paraffin before setting the room alight as he escaped, leaving the children behind.

It is alleged Masoko has a home in Plettenberg Bay and may be commuting between there and Mossel Bay from time to time.

Anyone with information on his whereabouts asked to contact the investigating officer, Wo Geoffery Moos of the KwaNonqaba Police (044 606 5600 or 079 893 9974).

All information will be dealt with as confidential, and there may be a reward for positive information.

– Caxton News Service

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