Donkeys rescued from brutal slaughter

Donkeys were being brutally slaughtered

Donkeys were being brutally slaughtered

Donkey skins are salted, packaged and transported to China.

A herd of donkeys that was destined for slaughter for their skins was rescued by the NSPCA.

A few have also been housed by the Kloof and Highway SPCA, Highway Mail reported.

“There has been an increasing number of reports of donkeys being slaughtered for their [hide], and this is an urgent request for our community to be on high alert,” said the local organisation’s marketing manager, Lisa Mörck.

Mörck said the donkeys were being brutally slaughtered around the country.

“Their skins are salted, packaged and transported to China, where it is rendered and processed to obtain a gelatinous substance used to make Ejiao – an ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine and for cosmetics.”

“Donkeys are being rounded up or stolen, then transported and inhumanely slaughtered for their skins,” said Mörck.

“Evidence indicates that the method of slaughter is horrendous. Indications on carcasses have shown a hole behind the head. That is, the donkeys appear to have been ‘immobilised’ with an instrument, then skinned, probably while still conscious. Death would have been slow and excruciatingly painful for these animals,” said Mörck.

“On Friday, 24 February, the Kloof and Highway SPCA assisted the National Council of SPCA’s with the successful relocation of some of the donkeys from Sani SPCA.”

“In January, the Sani SPCA impounded the donkeys which were destined for Lesotho, and four people were arrested. The four accused appeared in court and each received a R1 000 fine. The remaining donkeys have been successfully transported to the Benoni SPCA.”



“The Kloof and Highway SPCA are pleased to report that the donkeys arrived safely at our SPCA. We have a vet on site to care for them and our staff have been very busy settling them in and ensuring they are as comfortable as possible after their horrific ordeal. Well done and thank you to everyone involved, especially members of the public who have made donations towards the care of the donkeys.”

If you are interested in adopting a donkey or would like to make a donation towards their care, contact 031 764 1212/3 or e-mail

– Caxton News Service

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