Durban man arrested for making alcohol in his backyard

The illegal alcohol which was found in the suspect’s premises.

The police were tipped off about the clandestine distillery.

The Provincial Tactical Response Team arrested a 42-year-old man for making illegal alcohol in his backyard in Chatsworth, Durban, Rising Sun Chatsworth reports.

The super-sleuth officers acted on information received and proceeded to the house where illegal alcohol was being made.

Upon arrival at a highly fenced residence, efforts were made to get the attention of the occupants in the house.

It finally paid off when the police officers were finally let in. They started a search of the house, and in the outside building, they discovered a clandestine distillery.

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An assortment of spirits, brandies and whiskeys packed in boxes and some in bottles were discovered.

There were clear indications that the house was used to make illegal alcohol. There were empty alcohol bottles as well as bottle caps waiting to seal the bottles once they have been filled with alcohol.

Police officers also discovered a concoction of alcohol in a container that was ready to fill the bottles.

The estimated value of the alcohol found in the yard is estimated to be R65 000.  The owner of the house was arrested and duly charged.

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