Here’s a little help with your Covid-19 plan
Now is the time for you, as an individual, to take seriously your own position and start planning your course of action if the virus does affect you or your family.
Limpopo municipalities spent 54% of their wage bill on financial departments, apart from paying tens of millions to consultants, the party charged.
Changing SA for the better is not that difficult
If we want this to happen, the opposition must get its act together and we have to do rest at the polls.
We have to keep our ‘ubuntu’ going at all costs
Lockdown is depriving many of us of our humanity. One thing we must not surrender is our ‘ubuntu’. Virtual meetings, lessons, lectures and so on have merit, especially in these times.
Video: Help us, there is no muti for hunger, healers plead with govt
Herbalists in Kwa Mai Mai and at the Faraday Market in Johannesburg are asking government to help them recover from their loss of income due to lockdown – as it has assisted other industries.
Inclusion of refugees is ‘key to counter xenophobia’
Experts are concerned about the plight of foreign nationals suffering from lack of access to services during the lockdown period.
You can still have your pie and eat it

Columns You can still have your pie and eat it

There’s a King Pie in my area that’s too far to walk and too close to drive. It’s a problem. I might have to move. It would be easier if they moved.

Courts Three months in jail for breaking lockdown rules, judge orders release of waste pickers

The North Gauteng High Court has ordered the men’s immediate release and slammed the authorities for the “absolutely unacceptable” way in which they were treated.

Here’s our home plan for you to deal with Covid-19

Premium Here’s our home plan for you to deal with Covid-19

It’s a terrifying thought, but if a family member at home contracts the coronavirus, it is vital to be prepared – and experts and organisations give their tips on how to do just that. Download and print our Covid-19 help guide.

Infection Updates Covid-19 deaths jump by 192, total cases at 215 855

The total cases increased by 10 134 in one day.

Politics Investigate Free State municipalities for crimes – Cope

‘Congress of the People is saying it cannot be that for the third consecutive year the audit outcomes regress, and no action is taken against these thieves.’

Parliament Home affairs’ budget cut of R562m will have ‘minimal effect’

The department will absorb the budget cut by taking money from projects they can delay until next year, not buying uniforms and cutting travel and accommodation costs.

Covid-19 eNCA loses another staffer to Covid-19

According to the company, Michael Wilson’s test results confirmed last week Thursday that he had Covid-19 and he died in hospital on Monday.

Load Shedding Gauteng to have blackouts on Wednesday morning

This was ‘to avoid network overloading in high-density areas that are prone to illegal connections, meter bypasses and vandalism of electricity infrastructure’.

General LRC plans to take City of Cape Town to court over evictions

On Friday, the LRC wrote a letter to the City, giving them an ultimatum to halt all evictions in the metro or face court action.

Local News Search for runner missing on Table Mountain continues

A call for volunteers was also posted on social media, asking interested people to meet at the lower cable car on Wednesday at 08.30am.

General Don’t get involved in Mozambique, Isis warns SA

DA MP Kobus Marais called on the minister of defence and military veterans to urgently engage her counterparts in the Southern African Development Community regarding the increasing Isis threat.

World Trump a lying narcissist shaped by bullying father, says niece in memoir

She writes that Trump developed ‘twisted behaviors’ and saw ‘cheating as a way of life,’ according to the New York Times.

Lotto PowerBall and PowerBall Plus results, Tuesday, 7 July, 2020

Here are the winning PowerBall lottery numbers from Tuesday night’s live draw.

Government Not evictions, nor land occupation allowed in lockdown – Sisulu

‘Once somebody is in their house that has been put up, if there is any eviction necessary the law enforcement agencies are required to approach the courts,’ Sisulu said.

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