PICTURES: Behind-the-scenes of cash-in-transit processing facility

This is a period where cash-in-transit heists increase, so this week The Citizen photographer Jacques Nelles visited a cash processing facility in Pretoria for a behind-the-scenes look into this high-security operation.

Cash-in-transit (CIT) heists are thoroughly planned operations, often involving explosives and criminals wielding automatic weapons.

Most CIT attacks take place in November and December. Since the easing of lockdown restrictions, attacks have been on the increase.

There were 244 incidents last year and a staggering 260 incidents so far this year – with the festive season still ahead of us.

So, security companies have had to step up their game in response to these violent CIT robberies, in what they are calling a cash-crime epidemic.

Founder and chief executive of iziCash Solutions Albert Erasmus says: “It is imperative that the retail sector make the most of the festive season peak trading period to make up for revenue losses caused by the global Covid-19 pandemic.

“An increase in cash crime will not only aggravate the effect the pandemic, but inflict further hardship on the people employed in this sector.

“Our economy cannot afford to decline any further.”

iziCash Solutions, a specialist in cash logistics and cash management, this week announced their strategic partnership with Fleetcam that entails an integrated surveillance and intelligent vehicle and guard tracking system.

The system provides a live view in high definition from five cameras mounted outside their vehicles and one mounted inside the cabin.

All its cash transporting vehicles will be monitored throughout their journeys, allowing for faster reaction time in the event of an attack.

At its cash processing facility in Pretoria, iziCash employees receive large amounts of cash every day and start to process the money. They use state-of-the art money-counting, weighing and packaging machines in cordoned-off sections and a view of the entire floor from the control room.

Inside, there are safes within safes, with the innermost safe an impenetrable steel box.

*Due to security concerns and the sensitivity of the operation we could not show the entire process.

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