Andre de Kock
Motorsport Editor
4 minute read
4 Dec 2019
7:11 am

The Cool Down Lap: Ben Morgenrood

Andre de Kock

"I have grown old over the years, but luckily, I have never grown up, which would have meant stopping motorsport"

At the age of 72, most people start thinking about a quiet lifestyle, at a relaxed pace, featuring minimal risk and, probably, the medicinal qualities of prune juice. Ben Morgenrood, on the other hand, races cars, runs a large business and wins motorsport awards. The circuit racing veteran was given a Lifetime Achievement award at Motorsport South Africa's annual prize-giving ceremony last weekend. The idea is normally to bestow that award when the recipient has finally hung up his or her crash helmet for good. That, in the case of Ben Morgenrood, will be … well, never. His path through...