Mark Jones
Road Test Editor
2 minute read
7 Jun 2015
8:00 am

The heart of BMW’s M4 Coupé

Mark Jones

Time sure flies when you are having fun, and this is already the second instalment of my time spent with BMW's M4 Coupé.

The new BMW M4 Coupe. Picture: Supplied

I haven’t tackled a track day or done any top speed events in the car yet, but this will all be changing soon. I will be joining the BMW Car Club Gauteng at their Bridgestone Speed and Sound ODI 1km-top end run day on Sunday to put some of Bavaria’s best technology to the test. And one thing is for sure: this M4 has the right goodies under the bonnet to deliver.

The Coupé sees a return to the much loved in-line six engine configuration, as used on the second and third generations of this car. But now with a little extra sting in the tail – thanks to two turbochargers doing duty and ensuring that although the power is only up 8kW from 309kW to 317kW – the torque has jumped up to a massive 550Nm from 400Nm.

Anybody who knows anything about horsepower will tell you that because the new M4 is force-fed, here on the Reef this alone makes a massive difference over the old car that had to make do with sucking in as much air as it could the good old-fashioned naturally aspirated way.

Besides the two fast-responding mono-scroll turbochargers, high precision direct petrol injection, valvetronic variable valve timing and double-vanos continuously variable camshaft timing, you also get an engine that features a closed-deck crankcase design, which is very rigid and allows cylinder pressures to be increased for improved power output.

And instead of liners, the cylinder bores feature a twin-wire arc-sprayed coating, which results in a significant reduction in engine weight.

And when you have the third generation of the M double clutch transmission with Drivelogic doing duty, you know ultra-fast gear changes with no interruption in the flow of power is the order of the day when required.

Now you know why I am looking forward to some high speed work with this car.

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