Charl Bosch
Online Motoring Reporter
5 minute read
23 Jul 2020
7:39 am

Toyota Fortuner making black and white Epic again

Charl Bosch

Press the PWR button though, and the response becomes sharper and the changes of the six-speed automatic box faster.

Calling the Toyota Fortuner a South African institution probably rates as something of an understatement given how it has made the body-on-frame SUV segment its own over nearly two decades. While it remains open to debate why Toyota never felt the need to bring the immortal, and darling of the grey market import scene, Hilux Surf/4Runner to South Africa during the SUV boom of the 1990s, the locally built Fortuner has rated as the default option in a fashion similar to not only the Hilux, but also the Corolla with sales often eclipsing those of the latter by a healthy...