Andre de Kock
Motorsport Editor
3 minute read
11 Dec 2019
9:25 am

Suzuki Vitara Turbo is a keeper

Andre de Kock

Used for my daily commute between home and work – mostly in city traffic – the little SUV proved amazingly likeable.

First impressions, clever people say, last forever. They are, of course, wrong. Take sporting victories, for instance. The day after the Springboks’ recent Rugby World Cup victory, one would have though South Africa was a brand new country, where trustworthiness, respect for others, prosperity of the masses and, indeed, all-inclusive love, reigned. A week later, we realised we are still being governed by criminals, looting political bureaucrats are still above the law and our lame duck president’s job still is to make soothing noises while we watch the ruling party steal our country bankrupt. Sometimes, it can work the other...