The boost to be your best

Turbo lag is the bane of many a car and despite turbine technology improving the situation, it remains a fact of life.

It is exacerbated at Reef altitude, where the thinner air makes it more difficult to overcome the inertia in a turbo-charged system and to get everything moving fast and quickly.

RGMotorsport can improve the situation thanks to a recent addition to their product portfolio. The fitment of a Pedal Booster – an electronic device that improves the response of drive-by-wire throttles – is the next big thing in after-market tuning and while it doesn’t increase power, it can dramatically enhance the driving experience.

The result is crisper, quicker response, which means better acceleration, especially with turbo-charged cars, as it reduces the time taken for the turbine to spool up. It also gives normally aspirated cars a more zesty feel at low engine speeds.

Owners can set the Pedal Booster from standard to a mild or wild throttle response and it can easily be changed from one setting to another.

Pedal Booster is a plug-and-play system and fits into the throttle system between the pedal-position sensor and the standard wiring loom.

Pricing starts from R2 950 excluding fitment.

Contact RGMotorsport on 011 792 8352 to see if they have one for your car.

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