Nissan set to take over from cancelled Ranger Raptor V8 with bent-eight Navara?

“As much the next petrol head, I’d love to see some of the other engine offerings that we’ve got, make it into a Navara”.

Seemingly not content with wanting the Titan in Australia, Nissan is reportedly pushing for a high performance version of the Navara, allegedly with a V8 engine.

Despite providing an alternative to the Ford Ranger Raptor Down Under in the shape of the locally converted N-Trek Warrior, the automaker’s Managing Director for Australia, Stephen Lester, said it has been lobbying for more engine options than only the current 2.3-litre turbodiesel, “because that is a hallmark of what Australian consumers are looking for”.

With the discontinuing of the D40 Navara six years ago, which continues to be made in North America under the Frontier name, the 198 kW 4.0-litre V6 petrol and the 170 kW 3.0 V9X turbodiesel V6 were replaced at the sharp-end by the mentioned 2.3-litre four-cylinder, which punches-out 140kW/450Nm in twin-turbo guise. In the States, the Frontier became available earlier this year with a brand-new 231kW/381Nm 3.8-litre petrol V6.

“While we don’t feel like we’ve compromised in any way with the current Navara, as much the next petrol head, I’d love to see some of the other engine offerings that we’ve got, make it into a Navara and see what happens,” Lester told

Having teased the facelift Navara two months ago with an all-new model due in 2022, Lester reaffirmed that Australia would continue its drive for a performance focused pick-up, it sees “as being integral to the planning of the next generations”.

Asked about the possibility of shoehorning the 294 kW 5.6-litre V8 from the Patrol into the Navara along the lines of the now cancelled Ranger Raptor V8 project, Lester stated that consultations between Australia and Nissan in Japan needs to take place first in order for the division to justify the project and expenses needed for developing a ‘junior Titan’.

The latest claims comes after Lester told last year at the Tokyo Motor Show that more versions of the Navara are being planned in order to capitalise on the then introduction of N-Trek Warrior.

“There’s certainly a couple of things in the background that are in the works. You can guess at what those are and there wouldn’t be any surprise and you probably wouldn’t be that far off base,” he said, before stating, when asked about a possible V9X return, that “we are working to find a solution”.

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