Mazda sticking with diesel as rotary dream inches closer to reality

Range extending rotary will carry the designation SkyActiv-R and build on the previous 16X Renesis unit used in the RX-8,

Mazda has become the latest automaker to throw its support behind diesel engines with the announcement that it will be introducing a completely new oil burner next year.

This, according to Research and Development boss for Europe, Christian Schultze, who told Britain’s Autocar that a “new approach” to diesel engines has been taken, though without revealing any further details.

“We will show you how clean and very efficient diesel engines can be,” he said, before adding that, “we will surprise you next year” when asked if the motor will have similarities with the compression ignition SkyActiv-X petrol powering the all-new 3.

“If we come into an age where sustainable fuels are economically similar, why not use them? We hope governments wake up and see that electrification is one way but there are others, too. Skyactiv-X is a step in the right direction,” he said.

Meanwhile, Hiroshima’s revival of its iconic rotary engine has continued to gain momentum with a fresh report from Japan alleging that the peripheral ported motor will make its comeback at this week’s Tokyo Motor Show as a range extender on its first electric vehicle.

According to Best Car, the range extending rotary will carry the designation SkyActiv-R and build on the previous 16X Renesis unit used in the RX-8, with a two-rotor layout of 800 cc’s and producing 50kW/100Nm with direct injection included.

It will however be adjusted depending on the engine and application, and could go into production, as a range extender only, as early as next year before likely being used on its own accord once again.

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