Hog the road in luxury Range Rover SVAutobiography

Latest tech, convenience and ‘green’ materials make it a winner.

Reflecting its unrivalled heritage, Range Rover is as striking on the outside as it is refined within, taking design, comfort and craftsmanship to extraordinary new heights while still delivering the performance and capability customers expect.


The original luxury SUV has defined the market since 1970, with an iconic design that has evolved over nearly half a century at the top of the 4×4 class.

A mix of luxurious, sustainably-sourced interior materials furnish the cabin alongside the latest consumer technologies to deliver the perfect blend of modern-day convenience and timeless luxury.

Composed and refined, Range Rover excels in all environments.

Clever stowage solutions throughout the cabin are joined by a generous rear load space and versatile split tailgate, while Executive Class rear seats and long wheel base body ensure this SUV represents the pinnacle of luxury.

With the option of a plug-in hybrid electric powertrain that delivers 51km of emission-free driving without any loss in performance, alongside the heightened luxury of the SVAutobiography, Range Rover embodies the Land Rover spirit of above and beyond.


The effortless performance and driver comfort of Range Rover is improved with the addition of Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop and Go.

This enables the vehicle to maintain a set distance from the car in front and to follow it to a stop and pull away again, if stationary for less than three seconds.

This is available alongside Adaptive Cruise Control with Steering Assist. This system helps keep the vehicle centred in its lane by applying moderate steering interventions with the driver’s hands on the wheel.

The technology uses lane markings and, or where no lane markings can be detected, the path of the vehicle in front.

Switching lanes or braking deactivates the system.

The interior of the Range Rover is as luxurious, adaptable and beautifully crafted as ever. Typifying the sustainable luxury and comfort evident throughout are the seats, which provide generous recline, legroom and foot space.


The richly luxurious designs feature lines, leathers and layers of deep cushioning that create a cosseting lounge-style environment, with controls located on the door panels to make adjustments.

The P400e is the most efficient Range Rover and combines an advanced 221kW four-cylinder Ingenium petrol engine with a 85kw electric motor.

This transformational technology is powered by an advanced 13.1kWh lithium-ion battery giving a total available power output of 297kW through the permanent all-wheel drive (AWD) system.

Together they drive the Range Rover from 0-100km/h in 6.8 seconds and to a top speed of 220km/h, it is claimed.

With an impressive 640Nm of torque, the powertrain mixes dynamic and sustainable performance with traditional Range Rover capability, comfort and refinement.

The P400e delivers CO2 emissions of 72g/km and fuel economy of up to 3.1 litres per 100km it is said.

The intelligent system can also capture and store the energy generated when braking to aid recharging of the battery.


The combination of Ingenium petrol and electric power can be used in two driving modes: Parallel Hybrid mode (the default driving mode) and EV (Electric Vehicle) mode.

In hybrid mode the P400e can intelligently and seamlessly combine the two power sources to make efficient progress.

By using its electrical energy reserves intelligently, the P400e always has the power and capability.

On longer journeys, customers can use the SAVE function to deploy the EV-only range for a specific part of their journey, for example, when entering congested urban areas.

Owners can easily monitor the charging status through two strips either side of the charging socket. A white light signifies the vehicle is connected and charging, while blue shows that timed charging is set but not underway.

A flashing green shows the car is charging, while a solid green indicates the battery is full.

Customers can use the InControl smartphone app to monitor the status wherever they are, receiving alerts if there is an error or the cable has been removed.


Two high-definition 10-inch touchscreens form the centrepiece of the minimalist cabin with Touch Pro Duo. Fast and intuitive, it combines finely engineered physical controls and a beautiful digital interface to deliver a truly connected driving experience.

The 12-inch high-resolution Interactive Driver Display includes dual dial, single dial and extended mode views.

Other features – including phone, navigation and media – can also be managed there. In addition, the Range Rover’s next-generation Head-Up Display system presents essential information on the windscreen, keeping vehicle speed and navigation directions in view at all times.

With up to 17 connection points integrated discreetly throughout the cabin, the Range Rover is perfectly equipped as a mobile workspace and entertainment hub.

This is thanks to two USB, an HDMI and 12V connection points in the front console cubby box.

There is also a 12V socket in the glove box and a USB point in the deep stowage area underneath the cupholders.

Land Rover’s Terrain Response 2 technology has been re-tuned to intelligently and precisely distribute torque from the electric motor – which has no creep speed and maximum torque from zero rpm – to all four wheels.


This gives greater control during low-speed off-road manoeuvres, reaffirming Range Rover’s outstanding breadth of capability.

The Range Rover line-up will be available in South Africa from November and will include the following variants:


  • 3.0 Diesel 190kW Vogue
  • 4.4 Diesel 250kW Vogue SE
  • 4.4 Diesel 250kW Autobiography
  • 2.0 PHEV 297kW Vogue
  • 2.0 PHEV 297kW Vogue SE
  • 2.0 PHEV 297kW Autobiography
  • 5.0 Petrol 386kW Vogue SE
  • 5.0 Petrol 386kW Autobiography
  • 5.0 Petrol 416kW SVAutobiography Dynamic


  • 4.4 Diesel 250kW Vogue SE
  • 4.4 Diesel 250kW Autobiography
  • 4.4 Diesel 250kW SVAutobiography
  • 2.0 PHEV 297kW Vogue SE
  • 2.0 PHEV 297kW Autobiography
  • 2.0 PHEV 297kW SVAutobiography
  • 5.0 Petrol 386kW Vogue SE
  • 5.0 Petrol 386kW Autobiography
  • 5.0 Petrol 416kW SVAutobiography

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